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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Matt to meet Natalie Portman

"she's gorgeous, has married a Jedi, stripped in Closer and now goes bald (and naked - see below) in V for Vendetta"

Yes - Miss Portman is coming to London to promote her new film V for Vendetta.
I'll be there to ask her some questions and report back on what the film is like.
Other 'talent' at the day will be Stephen Fry, John Hurt and Joel Silver... nice.
Colour me 'excited' - she's a babe and a half!!

"tastefully done... this is going to be a great film!!"

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1 comment:

Tom Wade said...

See now I could handle most of the famous people that you've met - I mean I burned with jealous rage when you met Jessica Alba - but come on! Natalie Portman may just be rubbing my face in it just a little bit! Remember to pass on my mobile number to her if you can...
Oh and it sounds like you had a great birthday - but surely Natalie Portman is the best present yet?!