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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Matt's Life is sponsored by Sony...

Call me a Sony 'fanboy' if you will but I've had nothing but pleasure from the many Sony products that make my life better (TV, DVD recorder, camera, PS2, photo printer etc)...

Here's my current top 3:

1. The PSP - man I love this shiny little piece of gaming / media viewing / mp3 listening joy...

"You know, the black one is very nice but just look at that ceramic white one!!
And it's my B'day in a couple of weeks!?"

2. The Sony Ericsson P990... Name is on the waiting list, come on guys we need a confirmed UK launch date!

"Mmmmm the 'complete' phone experience! I'll be watching
Spurs score via 3G on this baby as soon as it arrives"

Read about how cool it is at: www.mobilegazette.com

3. My Sony Vaio laptop (17" extra black screen is a joy for DVD playback)

"Novel writing is a pleasure on this baby (PC gaming isn't bad either!?)"

So, roll on PS3 - I may never be rich, but at least I'll be happy in my Sony gadget filled existence...


DVD HDD Recorder: Sony rdrhx510

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Anonymous said...

I'm with you Matt, I'm a huge Sony fan. I have the Home Cinema Amp, CD and MiniDisc units, Network MiniDisc, and now the Sony NW-A3000 Portable MP3 Player.

They make great audio, visual and gaming devices. However they can't make software to save themselves. The software for both my NW-MD and NW-A3000 is awful and filled with issues.

That aside I'm dying for a PS3 too.

I've been thinking about a VAIO or a MAC, just for surfing and writing either at home or on the move, and I just wasn't sure which. Saw a tiny little VAIO abroad and was seriously thinking about it. How would you rate them?

Matt Adcock said...

rich - at the risk of invoking a fatwa from mac fanatics the world over... I chose the vaio mostly for it's PC compatability (gaming etc), and the screen for DVD playback quality - saw it running instore next to a powerbook and it just looked a lot better.
Macs do have the battery life and if you have mac base unit then that could tip you that way but I'm happy with my vaio - and it's so powerful it kicks the ass of our home desktop so it will probably replace that at some point!?
Hope that helps... M