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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Matt's Birthday Number 35

"relationship marketing to the max... cheers for the B'day video email from my 'friends' at Guinness!"

So - turned 35 today. Am grateful to the God and the cool people in my life - friends, family, random new contacts and fans who have got in touch via this blog!? - You make it all worth while...

Oh, got some great gifts too...

DVDs including: Lost - series one, Desperate Housewives - series one, R-Point, The Corpse Bride, Intacto and erm, Ninja Terminator

Books: Richard Morgan's Market Forces and Woken Furies, The Pornographer's Diaries etc

Other cool things like CDs, Rioja, Chocolate and Sci-Fi toys... You're never that old I guess...

Birthday film was a Lucky Number Slevin / Sympathy for Lady Vengeance double bill (both excellent - reviews up soon). Wife made me great cooked breakfast, is taking me out for dinner later and lets just say that watching Desperate Housewives whilst recieving special attention from her was something else!?

Anyway - last year I posted links to my 5 favourite recent blog posts and so in order to maintain the tradition here are this year's pick:

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