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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sienna Miller - talks Casanova

"Mmmm it's Miller time"

Sienna Miller… Casanova Promo Material

It is, says Sienna Miller with a huge smile, a dream job. Working for one of her cinematic heroes on Casanova in Venice and playing a character, Francesca, who is “just fantastic.”

The delightful Miss Miller is unabashed in her enthusiasm. And why not? At 23 she is clearly enjoying herself and proving too, that’s she’s got the talent to match the belief that has been shown in her by some top filmmakers including Lasse Hallstrom on Casanova who says, quite simply: “She’s a film star, make no mistake. And a pleasure to work with.”

So far, Miller has played a small but undoubtedly eye catching role in the British crime movie Layer Cake, opposite Daniel Craig, and won acclaim for her performance as a needy, insecure young American woman who falls prey to the predatory Alfie (Jude Law) in Charles Shyer’s remake of the sixties classic. And if that wasn’t enough, she has also recently made her West End stage debut in As You Like It at the Wyndham Theatre.

But playing the feisty Francesca opposite Heath Ledger in the title role of Casanova has proved to be one of the most vivid experiences of her career so far.

Q: Casanova is a great role. How did you get the part?

A: It’s kind of one of those things. They look everywhere - London and New York and LA and your agent, if they are good, puts you up and you read the script. And it’s the same process for me at the moment where if I read something and I love it, I start begging (laughs).

Q: Are you going to be typecast as the girl who can tame the men?

A: Francesca in Casanova is highly intelligent and keeps her corset tightly shut, which is good for all those people who are saying I have a talent for taking my kit off. (laughs).

Q: What about all the tabloid attention that you have been getting, particularly back in the UK?

A: Don’t get me on to that! (laughs). You have to accept it and you have to be gracious about it but of course I would certainly rather it wasn’t there – be it good or bad. And I know I could have had it a lot worse than I have had it.

Q; What’s it like being on location in Venice?

A: Well, you’re in Venice which is like Disneyland for adults. And you’ve got hordes of people coming in and out. I mean, I would think logistically if you are a producer it has to be your nightmare working here, I think it’s impossible to recreate the light anywhere else.


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