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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Film Review: Chicken Little

Chicken Little (U)
Dir. Mark Dindal

Reviewed by Matt Adcock

It is my duty to warn you of an Avian Infection at your local cinema… No, fortunately not the deadly A (H5N1) virus or any sort of ‘bird flu’, this outbreak is of ugly little chickens and other assorted oddball farmyard characters. You can easily tell if you’ve been subjected the ‘Chicken Little’ infection, the symptoms are – mild amusement followed by a vague sense of disappointment, and a nagging feeling that you could have had more fun staying home and watching Shrek again on DVD.
Chicken Little I’m afraid is the very definition of a disposable movie and will not be remembered as one of Disney’s finest hours – even if it is their first fully computer animated film without the help of the mighty Pixar. Director Mark ‘Emperor’s New Groove’ Dindal does a serviceable job but it’s feather weight ‘by the numbers’ entertainment which you’ll have forgotten long before this year’s stampede of other animated ‘animal adventures’ charge the multiplexes.
Based on the story of that little chicken who cried wolf when he thought the sky was falling, it’s now a year later and he’s still trying to live down the embarrassment of his wild goose chasing antics. The fowl plot is a hodgepodge of War of the Worlds, Animal Farm and erm, actually there isn’t really very much plot at all. Chicken Little’s voice acting talent is average with no real A list stars, the visuals are functional but lack flair and the clever references to other films and culture that Shrek etc have done so well are obvious by their omission. The one exception that made me smile was when a runaway giant ball rolls into the local cinema which happens to be showing Raiders of the Lost Ark – at the exact scene where Indy is running away from the giant booby trap ball… But I wasn’t completely surprised when I noticed that although my two boys seemed quite entertained, my wife had fallen asleep by halfway through.
Chicken Little isn’t a bad film, it’s just a bit too limited and uninspired. As a fan of most of the recent animated features – I was hoping for more. Still not long to wait for Ice Age 2: The Meltdown or Over the Hedge (with Bruce Willis voicing a raccoon) both of which look much more finger licking good than this.
You might still feel like Chicken Tonight, but unless you’re very young or extremely easily pleased I’m afraid that Chicken Little has a whiff of cold turkey.

Poster Quote: “how do you like it... boiled or fried?”

Darkmatt Rating: öö (the sky is falling... on Disney!?)

"nice marketing campaign... shame about the film!"

Darkmatters: H O M E

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