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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Film Review: Final Destination 3

Final Destination 3 (15)
Dir. James Wong

Reviewed by Matt Adcock

Just when you thought it was safe to ride a roller coaster… And I don’t mean the one in your local park run by pikeys who wouldn’t know the words ‘safety check’ if they were to be spelt out in burning dead bodies across the rest of their ‘travelling fair’…

Yes, Final Destination 3 continues the effective slick, sick, ‘how will the next one die?’ voyeurism of parts 1 & 2. You know the score – babe (Mary Elizabeth Winstead in this case) has a vision of going off the rails and finding out first hand if there is an afterlife via a nasty roller coaster crash… Which I swear might make you think twice before going on one for a while… She gets off and some of her friends do too – then it crashes and death stalks the survivors in gleefully grim ways. Will any of them escape? Will death be back for part 4? Writer / Director James Wong certainly returns to the franchise (he also directed the first Final Destination) and he hasn’t lost his knack for delivering scenes that made members of the audience I saw this with shout things at the screen like “Oh my God that had to hurt!” and “Eewweeuuu – that’s the sickest thing I’ve ever seen” – maybe I shouldn’t have taken my elderly mum with me but I guess you live and learn…

The BBC describes Final Destination 3 as "AN ORGY OF CHEERFUL CARNAGE" but they don’t seem to like it… I guess these films are kind of litmus tests that can help you find out ‘are you sick in the head?’ – Oops looks like I’ve failed this one because I’ve really enjoyed all 3 Final Destinations so far and would certainly go see a part 4 (although it would be scraping the barrel to have the exact same plot again, with just a different accident at the start, again). I had the not too great a pleasure of seeing Urban Legends 3: Bloody Mary on DVD just a couple of days before seeing this and can say for certain that the Final Destination films are far superior to the Urban Legend series. Case in point here is that both part 3’s have a ‘death by sunbed’ scene – and whilst the UL one is slightly unpleasant, the FD is viciously over the top to the point that you can’t quite believe it… and it sweetly jumps from the twin tanning beds to the coffins in a nice bit of scene changing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you should go and watch hapless good looking teens dying in bizarre ways for your entertainment – but if you have the hankering for it… Final Destination 3 delivers.

Poster Quote: "Death wants to see you outside"

Darkmatt Rating: ööö (nailguns are not playthings...)

"don't look now but you know I think there might be someone behind us..."

Darkmatters: H O M E

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