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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Film Review: Mr. & Mrs. Smith

"Sexy people with guns... yes please!!"

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (15)
Dir. Doug Liman

Reviewed by Matt Adcock

I love my wife. She’s sexy, cool, fun to be with and a great mother to our children… But if I were assigned by the top-secret assassination agency that I work for to put a bullet in her lovely head, would I do it? And perhaps more importantly – would she ‘off’ me if it turned out that she too was a highly trained hitman rather than the Children’s Work Director for Stopsley Baptist Church?

Anyway, this is the situation facing the sexist on screen couple for some time - Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Resisting the urge to get into a ‘who’s the most gorgeous?’ face off – it’s tough call after all, the sexy Smiths sizzle the screen in this wry action / comedy caper. Ace director Doug ‘Swingers’ Liman delivers lots of fun by putting the Smiths’ marriage under the harsh comedy spotlight before stepping up the gunplay action to preposterous proportions. His plan is obviously to satisfy both viewers seeking a romantic comedy and those looking for high-octane explosion based excitement… and it works a treat. If you’ve ever even thought about getting married then there are bountiful delicious scenes that rip open the his / her differences that can grind relationships down. And having said that – if you’ve ever hankered after a life of weapons grade danger and fraught ‘do or die’ secret missions then you’ll go home happy having spent an evening with Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Okay, the plot is thin – after 5 or 6 years of marriage neither suspect the other is an assassin until paid to take each other out (and I don’t mean on a date). Who will win this battle of the sexes? Can true love flourish even under a barrage of automatic gunfire? Did they actually ‘get together’ whilst on location filming the film? You might not find out the answer to that last one but if the on screen chemistry is anything to go by, you wouldn’t bet against it…
Mr. & Mrs. Smith delivers – action (superb car chases, explosions and gunfights), romance (yes the two leads get at least one convincing clinch), comedy (Vince Vaughn is excellent in a supporting role) and charm (both Pitt and Jolie know what their fans want!). In fact the only people who won’t enjoy Mr. & Mrs. Smith are those who have had their ‘joie de vivre’ surgically removed. For ‘feel good’ Summer fun – choose ‘Smith’…

Darkmatt Rating: öööö (may the 'sauce' be with you)

"women in rubber are hard to refuse..."

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carrie said...

a thoughtful review. thank you.

Anonymous said...

I added you to my links (1/2 way down right side). Can you link to me?

Also, are you at all interested in posting reviews to my site (like Stray Dog is doing). A good way to share traffic....

Thao said...

Great review Matt. Vince Vaughn is hysterical in this, especially when they were in "high alert." Can't wait to see him in Wedding Crashers.
Smith was an awesome movie and I say Angelina wins "most gorgeous."