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Monday, February 22, 2010

Darkmatters Review: Crazy Horse, Paris With Dita Von Teese

Crazy Horse, Paris with Dita Von Teese (15)

Reviewed by Matt Adcock

Sometimes it can be hard reviewing DVDs… With Crazy Horse Paris with Dita Von Teese – it was very hard…

…to strike the right balance between objective, impartial critical appreciation of the show.

The ‘Crazy Horse’ cabaret has been a Parisian night hotspot since 1951. The cabaret is known for celebrating the beauty, personality and pure talent of its female dancers. Since opening, the Crazy Horse has captivated the imagination of more than six million spectators, including many celebrities, with its stunning sexy shows…

I must warn you that this DVD is probably not to everyone’s tastes, especially if you find the sight of the naked female form disagreeable… You see this is a recording from February 2009, when Dita Von Teese, one of the best known international striptease ‘artists’ struts her stuff in three of sensual numbers.

There are many boobies on display here – from the moment the lights go up and the crazy horse house girls dressed as bearskin soldiers march across the stage, it is boobs a go go.

Dita’s numbers are more languid and sensuous affairs, there is real art her strip teases, they certainly don’t feel overly sleazy – more glamorous and erm ‘artistic’.

So if you’re of the mind to have one of the world’s sexiest ladies strip for you in the privacy of your own home… Crazy Horse, Paris with Dita Von Teese is a DVD you might just want to pick up.

Darkmatters rating: öööööööö (8 bouncing assets out of 10)

"Dita Von Teese"


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