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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Playstation 3 going to exclusively KICK-ASS

Playstation 3 going to exclusively KICK-ASS in April

Preview by Matt Adcock

This just in… Comic book fans who fancy being ‘Kick-Ass’ (Darkmatters film of the year) won’t have to dress up in wetsuits…

Guys / gals who fancy donning a superhero costume can now look forward to kicking ass / getting your ass kicked exclusively on the PS3.

You won’t need to have superpowers to download KICK-ASS the game from the Playstation Network – you’ll be able to take your own brand of crime fighting to the streets in multiplayer team ups from the comfort of you own home.

Here’s what’s coming:

• 3 playable characters (Kick-Ass, Big Daddy and Hit Girl)
• 8 missions with multiple environments, bosses and mini-bosses
• Facebook integration and Facebook missions – sounds fun
• ‘Frantic superhero action’
• Environment Interaction and Finishing moves
• Multiplayer Local Co-op
• Sub-missions and mini-games

Available on the - PS3 (PSN) also iPhone & iTouch for portable gamers
but not Xbox 360 or Wii - let's hope it kicks more ass than the Watchmen game!


Click here for the official game site

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