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Friday, February 26, 2010

Heavy Rain - How Far Would You Go?

Heavy Rain hits Europe today - and the forecast is 'serious excitement'...

Preview by Matt Adcock

I've been playing Heavy Rain for about a day now and will upload review after this weekend but in the mean time here is a cool short documentary film inspired by the launch this genre breaking PlayStation 3 title...

Directed by the acclaimed filmmaker Neil LaBute, the seven minute short was filmed in London, LA & Paris and asks leading luminaries, ‘How far would you go to save someone you love?’

Respondents to the question include: Nic Roeg, Hanif Kureishi, Nicholas Hoult, Samuel L Jackson, Stephen Frears, Peter Bogdanovich, Jean Marc Barr, Chris Weitz & Ben Chaplin. It's an excellent watch / intro to some of the themes explored in the game.

'How Far Would You Go?' short film inspired by PlayStation 3 title HEAVY RAIN from David Farrer on Vimeo.

How far would you go? Heavy Rain is a great way of finding out... I've been fascinated at how the 'game' makes you react to different situations - both everyday and extreme.

The characters are brought to life in stunning detail with potentially best graphics yet seen - the words 'interactive movie' are the closest description to this amazing experience.

Read more here: www.heavyrain.com

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