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Thursday, December 08, 2005

A Hairy Day... KONG, Naomi Watts and Peter Jackson

"Miss Watts... you can kind of see at least a couple of things that KONG liked about her..."

WOW... Saw King Kong today - review will be up by the weekend so check back for that.
What was an excellent bonus to the film (which rocks by the way) - Peter Jackson, Jack Black, Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis and Adrien Brody were at the press conference afterwards and I'll write up what Jackson and crew had to say when I get a moment!!
The 8th Wonder of the World is certainly worth checking out - and has gatecrashed my top 10 films of 2005... Jackson has followed up Lord of the Rings with another entirely watchable, fun action epic - my dreams tonight will be filled with huge hairy faces and the gorgeous Naomi Watts who looks great in the flesh.

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