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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Have a SONY Christmas... The RDR-HX510

"Mmmmmm... I love Christmas and I LOVE my RDR-HX510"

DVD Recorder with Hard Disk Drive = lots of fun!!

You know what? When you work all day and have a family it can put a real strain on your ability to catch all the quality TV you want to... That's when you need a Sony RDR-HX510...

Pause your live TV, record a program and start watching it back while still recording, enjoy picture and sound quality which are awesome.

This little baby may not be 'top of the range' but boy it's a sweetie, very user friendly and tough too (our ParcelForce guy dropped it onto the concrete whilst waiting for my wife to sign for it and it's fine!?)...

Here's some specs:

80GB HDD capacity
DVD+R Doulbe-Layer disc compatible
Precision Cinema Progressive
HQ+ recording for high picture quality
64 x High Speed Dubbing from HDD to DVD
Pause Live TV
Intelligent Chaptering
D-Matrix Noise reduction
Chasing Playback

Check the best prices for them by clicking here:

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1 comment:

Tom Wade said...

oooh sounds all rather posh - i have a rather nice model which i purchased from america, though that was in the summer and i still havent worked how to set it up and work... and thats even with my technical experties! oh and it only records onto american dvds - bummer :( all i want for christmas is a certain female in a santa suit a la 'kiss kiss bang bang!'