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Friday, December 09, 2005

Darkmatters: Year One

It's been a whole year... since Darkmatters the blog kicked off.

Here is a month by month quick guide to the first 6 months - i.e. some quirky stuff you may have missed...

Dec '04

My Worst Films of 2004

Meeting Jim Carrey

Jan '05

PWEI live in Concert

My obsession with Jennifer Garner

Feb '05

Birthday Bonus

Matt meets Samuel L Jackson

Mar '05

Matt joins the Carnivale

Doctor Who comes back

Apr '05

Lovin the PSP

Darkmatters Cleric

May (the force be with you) '05

Slave Girl Leia Tribute

Look out for the equally random selection from June - Dec '05 should I ever get the time to post em...

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Anonymous said...

Loving your work Matt...keep it up.