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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Matt Adcock Jumps, sorry, Meets Rachel Bilson

Matt Adcock Meets Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson burst onto the acting scene aged 20 as Summer Roberts on the enormously popular TV hit: The O.C. Now she follows up her first jump to the big screen in The Last Kiss, with the part of Millie in the new sci-fi action adventure Jumper alongside Samuel L. Jackson and Hayden Christensen. I caught up with her when she was in London promoting the film.

How would you describe the film?

RB: “It is great fun and such a cool concept – imagine having the power to teleport from place to place – whether it is into a bank vault or across the world to Rome. The possibilities are endless and I think it really fuels the imagination. It is a really good movie for girls too because it is so romantic and there is a wonderful love story which is an important element in the film.”

So how was it playing Millie? What’s kind of girl is she?

RB: “She is a strong girl. She sticks to her guns and will not be pushed around by any boy. She is a good role model. She won’t put up with anything that doesn’t work for her. I think she is admirable. Millie is definitely the love interest, but she is a major part of the movie, the main female in the story. She is David’s close childhood friend; he has always had a crush on her.

It’s easy to see why, what was the most exciting moment for you?

RB: “Filming in Rome was amazing. I had been to Rome before myself, but this time was very special. We
were actually in the Coliseum with no one else there but us doing the filming and it felt like an amazing privilege. It was so exciting and atmospheric. I remember how beautiful it was with the sun coming up – then going down at the end of the day. They were magical moments.”

I guess being whisked off to Rome by a Jumper sets a pretty high bar for a date?

RB: “Yeah being taken to Rome is impressive but you know it really depends on the person taking you. I’d be just as happy to stay in and snuggle on the couch with the right person!”

You have a pretty ‘hot’ scene with Hayden, how was that?

RB: ”Those scenes can be uncomfortable but I was lucky enough to have someone as handsome as Hayden. He’s a ten out of ten kisser!?”

So having kissed Darth Vader are you a fan of sci-fi films?

RB: I wasn’t really a fan of the genre before and hadn’t even seen Hayden in Star Wars but my dad is very into comic books and sci-fi. Now having done a sci-fi film myself I respect and love it, and I’ve seen all the Star Wars films too – those Ewoks are cool.

Erm, okay. You get involved in several action scenes in Jumper, what was that like?

RB: “This film was so challenging physically and mentally - it has been the best experience I’ve ever had. I got some bruises and scratches doing the action stuff and I got to slap Hayden plus when he was down I kicked him too – I’m not sure if you see that but it was fun.”

This week if you’re looking for something a little less mushy than the usual Valentine’s Day romances, might I suggest you take a 'jump' with Rachel.

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