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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Darkmatters Fiction: Another Chase


by Matt Adcock
“Oh my God she’s coming!” shouts the BHP Turbo’s AI in its ’voice-over’ dramatic deep throat style.
For a second nobody blinks, nobody moves and then all freakin hell breaks lose.

“Let’s go” says Cleric who is in the BHP, it accelerates backwards from the seedy car park, in seconds the front is a mass of flaming impacts form the serious amount of ordinance being unloaded in its direction. Int stumbles from the doorway and manages to put down a couple of the thugs with clean head shots, then she is running towards the road, trying to stay low as some of the gunmen turn their focus to her. Cleric break skids the BHP around on the road, pulls up and opens the passenger door for Int, “Get in” he commands whilst firing off some heavy frag grenades towards the dodgy bar from which more hired goons are emerging every second. The building’s front mushrooms out into the street - a white hot furnace as the highly explosive gas used in the air con coolant system escapes and mingles with the high explosive grenade charges.

“You sure know how to show a girl a good time,” Int breathes as she climbs in, “Let’s get the fuck out of here…”
“Already on it,” says Cleric as the front side shield of the BHP goes down. Cleric kicks the accelerator and the BHP screams away still in a hail of gunfire.
“You OK?” Cleric asks.
“Not bad considering,” Int smiles.
“Don’t get happy people, I have several vehicles coming after us by the look of it,” chips in the BHP.
“Can we outrun them?” asks Int.
“No, they’re pretty wired, I estimate that they will catch us in about 3 minutes.”
The BHP tears through the last of the suburbs and into the dirty countryside.
Cleric swings into the bushes at the side of the road and kills the lights, it gets very dark, very quickly as soon as you leave L2 and while Int’s eyes are adjusting to the gloom Cleric is already at the boot pulling out a couple of sentry AI miniturrets which he sets on either side of the road. Then he fires a couple of time delay mines into the road – he can see the lights of the approaching pursuers. He check the ammo in his assault handgun as Int joins him.
“We’ll take them here then?” she asks as she reloads her double-barrelled semi AI automatic…“We haven’t got a choice,” Cleric replies and drops to a crouch, pulling Int down with him as he detonates the mines right under the first couple of cars which rocket into the air tracing burning arcs of flaming death.

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