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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Sith Happens

"I love the smell of burning sulphur in the morning"

TheForce.net has listed my Revenge of the Sith review as part of their story:

England Goes Crazy for Episode III

It's a privilege to be there along side EMPIRE magazine, the BBC and The Times newspapers as one of the English reviewers who are 'going mad' for Episode III. And now IMDB has Darkmatters listed as the 3rd review for SITH... see below...

And I'm already itching to see the film again, which is a very positive sign...

Kudos to my good friend Mike who is making himself a Han Solo outfit in which to go see Episode III... The anticipation is building worldwide and my son Luke is counting the days until his first big screen taste of Star Wars...

Here is a link to a photo of a lightsaber duel between my young Jedi: Revenge of the Sibling

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