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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Cameron Diaz models rubber dress

"some photos really don't need captions..."

Cameron Diaz update

Two things that make me very happy - fine women and rubber dresses (just ask my wife!?)

Anyway... was just looking to see what the lovely miss Diaz is up to - have yet to see 'In Her Shoes' but have been told it's worth checking out - when I stumbled over these rather fetching shots of Cameron.

Thought I'd share them with you...

Oh and in case you were wondering - before returning for Shrek the 3rd, Diaz will next be on the big screen in The Holiday, playing a woman having trouble getting a bloke... which sounds a bit far fetched but hey...

"is it just me or is it hot in here?"

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Anonymous said...

Oh Matt, If only you weren't already married I'd slip back into it just for you!?

Anonymous said...

I could get lost in that blue sky

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