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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Matt Adcock meets Ant and Dec

Matt Adcock meets Ant and Dec

Hey guys I’m ‘ready to rumble, when you are’ – was how I thought about starting this Q&A but actually the cheeky Geordie duo are here to discuss aliens, big screen acting and the new world cup song…

So, in the film, Ant and Dec play best friends Ray Santilli and Gary Shoefield, UFO enthusiasts who 10 years ago convinced the world that they had film of a real life alien autopsy.

Matt: "You’ve met a lot of celebrities in your TV presenting roles, so um, have you ever suspected that any of them were actually aliens in disguise?"

A&D: Laughing… then “No, not actually aliens but often when we were CD:UK there would be weird bands with dark glasses on indoors… You can never be sure I guess?”

Ant: “Obviously there's some kind of life elsewhere though. I don't know whether it would look like anything we recognise but I do believe in aliens.”

Dec: “You know it’s naive to think that we're the only intelligent life source,” giggles… “well relatively intelligent”.

Matt: “Now that you’re movie stars, you’ve even been ‘altered’ on the poster…”

Dec: “Yeah, that was the most exciting bit about the whole thing! I’ve never been airbrushed before and I want it to happen again!”

Ant: “Those guys on the poster certainly have better tans than we do!”

Matt: “While I’m here canI just ask what you think of Embrace doing the 2006 England World Cup Song?”

Dec: “I think the World Cup song this time is a bit of a poison chalice really, because they’ve got such a tough act to follow after the last one. Who were those two fellas? It is an honour to be asked to do the World Cup song and I’m sure they’ll do a great job, but you don’t’ get any free tickets or anything!
I’d actually like to see a return to when the squad sang the record like they used to. You could have Rio [Ferdinand] do a little bit of a rap, Wayne Rooney doing a falsetto bit in the chorus. David Beckham doing the harmonies… imagine that.”

Matt: “Back to the film – the original Ray and Gary claim that the film was based on a ‘genuine piece of footage’. Do you believe that it’s real?”

Ant: Well we had to believe it really in order to film it. Dec was playing Ray and every time I’ve met Ray and Gary they’ve both insisted that the original footage they based their remake on is still there.

Matt: “How was working with Harry Dean Stanton?”

Dec: Meeting Harry for the first time was a bit nerve-wracking really because he is this legend. We were very aware of who he was and I’m not sure that was reciprocated. In fact, I’m still not sure whether he knows who we are. He’s a grumpy old sod, but with a heart of gold. He took us out on our last night after filming for a drink in downtown LA. We ended up in one of his hardcore drinking holes, it was kind of like being in an episode of The Sopranos or something - Italian men with big moustaches and ill-fitting suits, a homicide detective from the LAPD, Harry Dean Stanton and some guy who runs an illegal printing den down the road. I turned to Ant and said: ‘I’ll level with you, I’m really scared! I think we’re out of our depth.’”

Matt: “And how was the love scene with Nicole Hiltz?”

Dec: “It was in the set we used for Harvey’s house in LA, and it was Nicole’s (the actress) last day and Johnny the director said, ‘Last thing, we need the sound effects for the sex scene.’ I was like, ‘What?’ I’d forgotten about that.
After the first few ‘Arghhrrrr!’s and ‘Oooh!’s we just started laughing and I said, ‘I’m sorry, I just can’t do this!’ But eventually, after many takes, we got going and we did it! Then we walked out the set and all the crew were outside with their headphones on clapping!”

Matt: “Finally how do you think your legions of fans will respond to you big screen debut?”

Ant: “I just hope they go and see it“ - laughs. “But it’s a very valid question because we’re on TV every Saturday night for most weeks of the year and we’re now asking people to get off the sofa and pay money to come and see us.”

Dec: “I think they’ll enjoy the story because that’s what appealed to us – what these two guys did. Their relationship and the hoax element of it is kind of in the same vein as what we do with the hidden camera stuff on Saturday Night Takeaway.”

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