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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Film Review: Heathers

Heathers (18)
Dir. Michael Lehmann

Reviewed by Matt Adcock

1988… I was 17… Living in Herne Bay in Kent, where very little ever happens… as a result films were still forming a large part of my world view… sure I had a girl (she was unbelievably hot, slightly unstable, and everyone wanted her but she left me for a richer bloke – after I ‘inadvertently’ cheated on her with some other young hottie on a church youth group boating holiday – they are the worst kind I swear)… I guess you live and learn but anyway, my nights were filled with almost legal beer drinking with top pals Mike, Dave and John, my days, bunking off 6th Form to watch videos, evenings going to the cinema to see stuff like HEATHERS starring Winona Ryder & Christian Slater, and this was number 2 in my ‘films of the year’ (of course DIE HARD was number one in ’88)…

So it was an absolute pleasure to revisit this movie on DVD, I was slightly dreading the whole ‘Oh its just not as good as it was back then’ feeling that can oft times be the case when you haven’t seen something for a long time but Heathers is a work of such quality, deliciously dark comedy and altogether joyful explosive teen angst that I needn’t have feared.

Heathers is Christian Slater’s second best film ever (True Romance being his finest work) the character of J.D. is one part James Dean, half Jack Nicholson and topped up with emotionally scarred youth who the Matrix wardrobe team have to thank for the whole ‘cool black trenchcoat’ look. His world view is that the best way to improve things in school / society is to eliminate the assholes - it’s refreshing to see such disturbing psychotic ideas being played out for laughs in this homicidal comedy overload which set the agenda for ‘cool’ teen films ever after.

I leave you with the words of ‘Father Ripper’ the vicar who presides over the many teen funerals in the film: “We must pray the other teenagers of Sherwood, Ohio, know the name of that righteous dude who can solve their problems: it's Jesus Christ, and he's in the Book…”

Darkmatt Rating: ööööö (maximum dark teen fun)

"Councilman Val Templeton from Carnivale... was once Father Ripper"

"Iconic pose, iconic actors... for 1988 at least!"

Darkmatters: H O ME

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Boheme Girl said...

i'm reviewing it rite now on my blog
its my fave movie