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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

X Men 3 Website Launches and New Poster

"you might not know it but I think it translates 'this is gonna kick ass!'"

So the 'Last Stand' of the X Men is getting closer and it's still looking good (although I'm still a bit worried that they might have cocked it up)... Have a look at the official site by clicking the link below - you can study your favourite mutants up close... *ahem* Shadowcat *ahem*


Click this for more X3 artwork


Carl V. Anderson said...

Love the Famke Janssen poster on your link!!!

I'm excited about this one but worried about it as well. Hate the fact that the director abadoned this for Superman. I really enjoyed the first two and don't want this one to be a drop off as far as quality or story goes.

Tom Wade said...

Thing is though - although our hopes have been on a rollercoaster with this one (first we all think its going to suck, I mean come on - Brett Ratner!! Then we see the trailer and our hopes are suddenly raised) deep down inside I'm already emotionally prepared for this to suck.

And I mean they've given Halle Berry a bigger part and a love story with Wolverine which is ALL WRONG, DONT LET HER RUIN THIS MOVIE!!!!

Something which I'm much more excited about is Slither - gotta love a bit of Nathan Fillion...

Hope your well Mr Matt