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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Calvin and Hobbes - best ever comic strip!!

"Calvin and Hobbes just sum up life... explore it!! It's waiting!"

Impossible but Wonderful

I love being a dad, it's hard to put into words the delight, pure joy and absolute adrenalin buzz that having a strong father / son relationship brings. I guess I was lucky, I had a great father who would always make time for me and now, years after he has died it's some of those little things that we used to do - that stick in my mind...

I love my two sons, they are everything that is good in life and I want to be an amazing dad, so that I can help them grow into the men that they are destined to be - knowing that their dad loves 'em and will always have their backs.

And this links to Calvin and Hobbes how? you ask...

Well my eldest son Luke (Skywalker) Adcock has got good taste in comic strips and has really gotten into Calvin and Hobbes. Tonight we read some of my favourite ones (Stupendous Man -see below, Snow Sculptures etc etc) and one of the greatest things about C&H is that it covers so many poignant seasons of life...

"absolute genius - click it to read it bigger"

But our C&H collection of paperback books is beginning to fall apart from repeated reads... And surfin the net to see what 'long lasting' Calvin and Hobbes books are available I found these:

"thou shalt not covert thy neighbour's COMPLETE CALVIN AND HOBBES... but it yourself!"
Wow... that'll hit the spot - over 1,400 pages, every C&H comic strip ever published... Colour too, oh yes, there is a God!!
Read lots of Calvin and Hobbes here: http://www.rabittooth.com/calvin.htm
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Carl V. Anderson said...

These are indeed fantastic! I got them for Christmas and have been slowly but surely working my way through them, savoring each strip. Brings back so many memories as I loved reading these in the paper when they were out. A word of warning though...if you really love your kids you will make sure that they are sitting at a table or something because each volume weighs a ton and could easily crush a small child!

Sarah Brush said...

Calvin and Hobbes are JUST the best!

When Michael and I are married hope we have a child like Calvin!!! Just a shame we don't live somewhere snowy enough for the snowman house of horror scene!

Matteo said...

i love calvin and hobbes :)
i think it's the best comic ever...