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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Family Guy on the PSP!!

"Devon Aoki wears a snake to celebrate the fact that Family Guy is coming to consoles"

Family Guy Game

Just as I sit down to watch Family Guy Season 4 on DVD, I read news that it is also being made into a game - an action title for Xbox, PS2 and PSP.

As Games Radar say: "Developed by High Voltage, the game features three of the show's cast as playable characters, each with their own story and objectives. Gamers will be able to control fat necked father Peter Griffin as he attempts to stop Mr Belvedere (an '80s sitcom character) from taking over the world; as baby Stewie, battling his equally evil brother Bertram; and as the canine Brian trying to escape imprisonment. From the screenshots provided the game seems to share the same crisp animation and scattergun cultural references as the show, but we'll have to wait to see if it works as a game."

Here's a screenshot, fingers crossed that they do this well...

"Die die die, kill kill... have a little nap. World conquest Baby Stewie style!"

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