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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Film Review: Three

"It's more the spear than the look actually"

Three (15)
Dir. Stewart Raffill

Reviewed by Matt Adcock

Let's count the reasons to go and see this film..


erm two,

ah, nope there's only two - and they both belong to Kelly Brook!!

Director Stewart 'Mannequin 2: On the Move' Raffill actually does an OK job here in that instead of trying to bother with any real danger, plot or engaging dialogue - he opts for the "wow - just look at Kelly Brook in a bikini will you!!" school of film making... And it's quite effective, topped only by the "oh man, now she's naked!" moments...

That's about it really - you decide if this is what you want to see or not...

Here are some shots of miss Brook to aid you:

"The new paint on ipod proved popular and looked great..."

"Mmmmm she's all there..."

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1 comment:

Carl V. Anderson said...

Other than the missing nudes shots it looks like you just showed me the entire film! ;)