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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Matt Adcock meets the Xmen (well Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman)

"Halle Berry is STORM"

"Hugh Jackman is WOLVERINE"

Matt Adcock meets the XMEN (well Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman)

This week I caught up with two of the coolest, sexiest mutants you’re ever likely to meet - Hugh ‘Wolverine’ Jackman and Halle ‘Storm’ Berry. In London to spread the word on Xmen: The Last Stand, this is what they had to say…

Matt: Xmen: The Last Stand contains a serious amount of action and your characters are right in the middle of most of it. How was the experience this time round?

Hugh: “I love playing Wolverine – it is just the best role ever and when I read this script I thought we had the best of the 3 films so far. The essential idea was fantastic it really cuts to the core of what these movies are about.”

Halle: “I really enjoyed having Storm do more in this film. After making the second movie, I remember the day after it opened being accosted by a group of fans who were angry that Storm had fallen into the background - because in the comic-books she was a revered African goddess, a really major character.”

Matt: You both looked like you were enjoying ripping up the scenery – and facing off against the evil ‘Brotherhood of Mutants’ one of whose new members is Vinnie Jones (who you’ve both worked with before in Swordfish).

Halle: “I know all about him, he’s funny.”

Hugh: “On the Swordfish set he had a wolverine punchbag which he hung by a noose from his trailer but I sort of got my own back on this shoot. When we met, he told me he'd made 27 films since we'd made Swordfish. I said I'd made maybe five. ‘Yeah but you got paid more for one of them than I did for all my 27!' he complained. But he took didn’t miss a chance to rub in the ashes result from the cricket so I don’t feel too bad.”

Matt:Nice, and how was it working with a new director on this episode of the Xmen saga?

Hugh: “Brett (Ratner) is smart, he showed me a page where he'd written all the things he liked about the Xmen films so far and the new story outline and on the back he'd written the three things he wanted to change, they were that he wanted to make it funnier, sexier and more emotional. I'm not going to comment on the sexier, but the other things I think he's achieved."

Halle: “I felt great responsibility about having Storm evolve. And I decided that if I came back to the series, I'd make it my responsibility to have Storm satisfy her following. So that's what I discussed with Brett when he came onboard and he agreed.”

Matt: I heard that you both got to do some pretty amazing stunts too?

Hugh: “Well you know my brother in law actually does a lot of my stunts. So when you see ‘me’ flying through the forest at 80mph – that’s him!”

Halle: “I thought this time was going to be easy peasy but you have know idea how nauseas you can get when you’re spinning at the speed of light. In the scene that I have to ‘spin’ into the air I was being turned so fast that stuff starting flying out! I even had a special bucket!”

And with that rather disturbing mental image I have to go. But I must urge you to check out these two Xmen in the new film and the good news for Xfans is that it looks like Hugh will be donning the Wolverine claws again soon for a spin off film.

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Anonymous said...

theres no evidence there that you met either of them!

you could have made up that interview very easily by just listening to every other interview thats been broadcast this last week


Matt Adcock said...

Thanks for that... Oh you of little faith (and unprepared to even leave your contact details)... You could ask Halle or Hugh if they remember the cool looking bloke in the suit at the Dorchester hotel room where we met? Rest of the press there were pretty casually dressed so they might!

Anonymous said...

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