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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Keira Knightley - DOMINO will rock

"Mmmmmm miss Knightley looking very good!"

Have you ever stumbled upon a trailer for a film which you're quite excited about and after watching it have been blown away by the sheer potential coolness of the film in question? Click this paragraph and prepare to be!!

I‘ve just seen the Domino trailer and can confirm that it looks very very tasty… Tony Scott being one of my favourite directors – Keira Knightley being one of my favourite (looking) actresses.

Written by the genius bloke who made Donnie Darko and based (sort of) on the true life story of Domino Harvey – model turned bounty hunter…

This is pretty near the top of my ‘must see films 05’
Click Now!!

For my previous thoughts about Domino (and another great photo of Knightley) CLICK HERE

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