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Friday, April 01, 2005

Darkmatters Fiction - CLERIC artwork


This is cool, as my novel Darkmatters creeps ever nearer completion (still aiming for this Summer!!) I have commissioned a very talented fantasy artist 'Keith Thompson' to come up with some initial visuals of the characters.

Below I'd like to introduce you to the "Hero" of Darkmatters - Cleric.

It's an absolute head rush to see something that as existed only in my head and in words on page suddenly take form... click the picture to see it in more detail...

"a friend of mine..."

Cleric’s memories of his past loves were vivid – imperfect yet comforting unless picked at for any length of time, a lot like scar tissue – almost as good as before but never quite the original. At least he could still differentiate between his memories and reality – which was more than his 'friend' Sxboy (SB) could. SB was wired, living in a half trance never more than a nanosecond away from his hardwired lustjoints. To say ‘addicted’ was not to fully acknowledge just how fully he had been taken over by his obsession. His mind boiled with a million images of scantly clad females – always almost but never quite naked – and his libido burned white hot, every second of every hour. Yet ironically it had been a long long time since he had actually been intimate with a woman. Having been one of the first to be fitted with a Scon8 chip, he was forever lost in his own make believe fantasy world – all in the comfort of his own mind – and due to this rendering most of his social skills obsolete, it really disadvantaged him when trying to impress the fairer sex.The institute for populace deviance owned and monitored the data stream from his Scon8 chip and had found a way to fund their work by broadcasting the highlights on one of the multitude of ‘arousal’ channels…

OK - so Cleric has a dodgy taste in friends but he still just might get the girl, kill the baddies and save the entire planet - you'll have chance to find out if the ultimate confrontation between good and evil ends in tears when Darkmatters hits the shelves...

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