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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

PSP Games - Matt's top 5 so far...

"eat 'untold' fiery death you mutant rats..."

Now that the PSP is out in the US - there is a nice regular stream of games coming over and because I have no self control I have to try quite a few of them out.

So here are my top 5 to date:

5. Ridge Racer (gorgeous graphics, fun 'drift' style driving - very classy)

4. Lumines (puzzle game that is seriously addictive)

3. Untold Legends (simple but lovely RPG - brings out your inner geek and gives him a big +12powerhug)

2. WipeOut Pure (virtual perfection in the palm of your hands - insanely playable)

1. TIE -
Metal Gear Acid and
Tiger Woods PGA (death dealing strategy and golfing wonderfulness - can't choose between them)

"Matt prepares to take out another unsuspecting, tooled up terrorist, on his train back to Hitchin from Kings Cross"

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