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Friday, February 04, 2005

Film Review: Creep

"your entertainment terminates here"

Creep (18)
Dir. Christopher Smith

Reviewed by Matt Adcock

Christopher “The Day Grandad Went Blind” Smith’s low budget shocker CREEP takes a fairly interesting premise: “What if there is some kind of demented killer creature lurking in the depths of the tube system below London?” and then does very little with it. Staring Franka ‘Bourne Identity / Supremacy’ Potente as Kate – a stuck up party girl who falls asleep waiting for the last tube train and then has to spend the next few hours running away from Craig the Creep.
Craig alas is just not scary enough, he’s obviously some half bred / scientific experimentation survivor but he looks like Gollum’s retarded older human brother. At one point he puts on a surgical gown and for a while could almost pass for one of Hellraiser’s cenobites (but a wussy one at that). Kate performs absolutely all of the ‘stupid woman in peril’ clichés – from going back to see if her friend who is being noisily attacked is alright, through to not killing the monster even when he’s lying defenceless at her feet next to a handy spear.
The tunnels and sets are only occasionally used well and the whole film feels like it was thrown together without much care or pride. Unfortunately a couple of cool moments (Criag does get one iconics backlit pose - which doesn't seem to be available online anywhere otherwise I'd have posted it here) get washed away in a sewer pipe full of below par production values...
As a tube commuter – I’ve got to admit that I’ve had scarier journeys to work on the Northern Line than anything on offer in Creep.

Darkmatt Rating: öö (poor)

"looks interesting but just not creepy enough"

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