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Sunday, February 20, 2005

PSP - Better than I dared hope!!

"DarkMatt's Birthday present 2005"

Extravagant, stupid, unnecessary... probably, but hey, it's my Birthday this week and thanks to being married to the sexiest, coolest, most understanding wife ever I now have a PSP (Playstation portable) and it is a thing of rare beauty.

Fresh from the Hong Kong, I immediately unwrapped my new baby and although not supposed to officially have it until Friday 25th - I just had to check it was working by:

Playing Ridge Racers (just awesome Darkmatt Rating: ööööö),

and Lumines (seriously cool and worryingly addictive Darkmatt Rating: öööö).

Watching Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence - from the 1Gb memory card - will review film in detail soon but the PSP has jaw dropping audio and video quality)...

Recording and playing back some MP3's from Feeder, Carter USM and Killers (again - sound quality to make my wife's ipod blush).

Finally copying some favourite jpegs onto it - see photo above...

I'll be writing more about this soon but have to say that my first impressions / 10 hours of usage have been very positive, PSP, Mmmmmmm!!

"adrenaline overdose... at your fingertips"


birdwoman said...

did you already have a gameboy? if yes, how do they compare?


Matt Adcock said...

Oh man... I've had all the various GameBoys so far and the PSP is lightyears ahead - the screen is about double the width, the controls are like a Playstation and the graphics are so much better it's like comparing a bicycle (GameBoy) to a Ferrari (PSP)... I can't recommend the PSP enough!!