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Friday, February 25, 2005

Birthday number 34 - Game over man?

"Happy Birthday Matt"

It happens I'm told, getting old - in fact I count myself blessed to have reached 34 having faced down a life threatening illness, spent (some would say 'wasted') stupid amounts of my life playing games and watching films. What else? Oh, you know, reading books, trying to write a book, writing over 200 film reviews and I haven't even mentioned the most important thing... My family. The looks of unbelievable excitement on my boys faces this morning as they got to play PSP before school were things of wonder (of course I then confiscated the PSP and went and watched an episode of Family Guy on it whilst eating breakfast etc...) and my gorgeous wife who makes my life complete (and is going to whack my high score on Lumines any second).

Thanks God...

Anyway - blogging must go on so here are my Birthday top 5 Darkmatter posts to date (in no particular order) :

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