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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Miami Vice: New Movie vs Original Series...

"take that you unfashionable freaks! pastel suits rule!"

Ah Miami Vice... fast cars, senseless gunfights, cool scenery but most of all - 80's fashion – the pastel / silvery suits with their jacket sleeves rolled up… who on earth would go around in a white jacket, sleeves rolled up?
Ahem, OK, I confess that it was me – 1989, wanting to be Detective ‘Sonny’ Crocket, cruising around Canterbury and Herne Bay in my fuel guzzling bronze Nissan Bluebird, impressing the ladies with my muscled arms – which were sticking out my rolled up cream jacket. Getting into insane drug related shootouts and having my commanding officer threaten to suspend me for ‘looking too cool whilst blowing perps away’… Those really were the days…

And now I won’t have to just make do with my fantasies and region 2 DVD Pilot episode of the TV series any more – because next year Michael Mann is bringing it to the big screen. Step up Colin Farrell as the new Crocket…
Asked recently if he’ll be doing a Don Johnson impression:
“No, God, I’ll leave that to Don. Michael Mann wrote a great script. It’s not tongue in cheek; it’s not ‘80s. It’ll be a different period, a different sensibility.”

And the suits?
“One would hope not to be stuck in 2005 wearing a silver shiny *beep* suit with the sleeves rolled up and the baggy pants. It wouldn’t be very good undercover, definitely.”

Plus with Jamie ‘Ray and Collateral’ Foxx as Tubbs – my spider sense is tingling!!

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