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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Who watches the Watchmen?

"big mac, and fries to go"

It’s hard to imagine but back in 1987, Watchmen basically single handedly introduced the world to the idea of superheroes having human emotions, psychological problems, or anything other than square jaws and simple morals. Alan Moore (words) and Dave Gibbons (art) produced a story about ordinary people who, decide to wear costumes and fight crime. These super vigilantes play out against some unforgettable imagery and the story was amongst the first to question the validity of caped crusaders in a realistic world…
And now it’s finally being made into a film… This has the potential to rule the kingdom of comic book adaptations but if not handled well or given the respect it deserves it could also suck superhuman amounts of ass…
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I was as captivated as you apparently were when it came out, nearly 20(!) years ago. Along with Dark Knight, Watchmen shook up the comic book world and promised the coming of bigger and better things (which, sadly, is yet to be fulfilled).

I've still got Watchmen on my bookshelf, and reread it every so often. Sad to say, despite the overall quality, I feel like it's a bit dated at this point, and I question how it will play onscreen.