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Thursday, March 31, 2005

PSP - the reason we have thumbs?

"Matt's commute to work"

PSP - it's out in the USA now, out in Japan... but nobody knows for sure when it will come out over here in the UK... Still, I'm happily playing my Japanese import model (perfect, no dead pixels, 1Gb mem stick) and pretty much everyone who has a play with it (WipEout Pure is a great intro game) walks away slack jawed and vowing to get one - it kind of sells itself.
Anyway - I heard today that the latest South Park episode was written about the PSP - Kenny got one, Cartman wanted it etc... and then I stumbled over the wicked cartoon above at www.penny-arcade.com/ which is a site well worth a look... seems the PSP is seeping into the universal conciousness of society nicely...
So, think I'm gonna go bag some Metal Gear Acid plus maybe a Tiger Woods Golf?

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