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Sunday, April 17, 2005

a self-facilitating media node

"Gone, but totally Nathan trashbat foolishly Mexico..."

Am missing my weekly fix of the foolish one...

As Barley himself said: "A taxi home with a bird who's been hitting on you like some kind of industrial hammer, stroking her tits, tending the garden, giving the taxi driver a hard-on. Now back home, fingers roam, phat reggae on the decks, and you feelin' the foam.
Trashbat says "Nice and gently, easy as you park the Bentley!" Bring it down. Trashbat is two people leaping from the twin towers and f*cking on the way down!"


Anonymous said...

Well weapon my friend

Anonymous said...

Adcock, you f*cking ear!
That was totally Mexico.

Treacle Slit..x

Anonymous said...

Thats well Jackson!