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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Ashley Wood: Awesome Artist - has a blog...

"This painting moves me, it's just so damn cool..."

Ashley Wood is without doubt one of my all time favourite artists, his work on POPBOT, LORE, AUTOMATED KAFKA... absolute genius!!

He's a big inspiration behind the whole 'Darkmatters' project which I'm working on, would be a dream if I could somehow get him to do some of the illustrative work on it... Ahh one day!? I'm going to need to get a very tasty book deal just to buy one of his original pieces of art...

"Wood brings Metal Gear Solid to the page (and PSP) in some style!!"

So there I am checking out Ashley's excellent website: Ashley Wood's Website

and I find that he's got a blog... and it's great: Ashley Wood's Blog/

check it out!!

"This painting 'speaks to me' too, in a whole 'other way'!?"

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Carl V. Anderson said...

I stumbled across here while doing a post on Ashley Wood myself. Nice job with your site. I intend to be checking out much more and adding you to my blog links column. Great stuff!

Unknown said...

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