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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

V For Vendetta: First Reaction

"Kurt Loder over at MTV said: 'This Movie Will Kick Your Ass', I couldn't agree more..."

V For Vendetta
First reaction by Matt Adcock

V For Vendetta is the lavish big screen adaptation (by the Wachowskis 'Matrix' Bros no less) of Alan Moore and David Lloyd's revered 1980s graphic novel.

Will post full review when it hits (17 March) but having seen it today, I can confirm that this is right up there with SIN CITY in terms of capturing the look, feel and substance of the original material.

This is a 'must see' movie which delivers thrills, drama and stylish violence - set in a near future London which is scary in that 'just might happen if we're not careful' kind of way... Portman is great (and sexy even when she's bald), and she's ably supported by Hugo Weaving (as 'V' the black cloak, peaked hat, Guy Fawkes mask wearing hero).

Fans of quality film-making, graphic novels and dark dystopian futures, get excited and book your tickets now!!

"The test audience for V For Vendetta were unanimous in their praise"


Matt Adcock Meets Natalie Portman

Are you a 'love match' for Natalie Portman?



Anonymous said...

I must preface my response by saying that I haven't seen the movie. That being said, while I don't doubt that the movie is entertaining, I'm not sure if it did capture the look, feel, and substance of the graphic novel as well as you suggest. The author, Alan Moore, disassociated himself from the production and had his name removed from the credits. That doesn't sound like someone who thought his vision was adequately portrayed.

Matt Adcock said...

Thanks for your comment - but I'd urge you to read the graphic novel and see the film before making a judgement call. Whilst I can't speak for Alan Moore on this - I can report that I found that the two interpretations of the tale work very well together - especially the 'look and feel' which the original novel illustrator worked and advised on the movie...