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Friday, March 03, 2006

Christian men... get WILD AT HEART

"you too will soon be leaping from large rocks"

Wild At Heart
by John Eldredge

Reviewed by Matt Adcock

Am reading this for the second time (in case I wan't quite wild enough after one reading)... Plus my church (Stopsley Baptist Church in Luton) has signed up a group for men to study this tome - then get wild and naked and fight each other (or something like that - will obviously keep you posted on developments...)

Was about to review it when I read this great piece about it in The Times:

"THEY are Britain's meek, mild-mannered Christian men whose most outrageous role model is Sir Cliff Richard and sole point of physical contact a limp handshake with the vicar after church.
But the stereotype of Britain's God-fearing males could soon become a thing of the past after the extraordinary success of a book urging Christian men to ditch their soft image and embrace a life of adventure. Swimming among killer whales and tangling with a bull moose are just two of the practical tips offered in Wild at Heart by the American evangelist John Eldredge, who calls for men to rediscover God bmodelingng themselves on heroic warriors such as Henry V and Mel Gibson's interpretation of William Wallace.

The book, which has already sold 1.5 million copies in English and has been translated into 16 languages, urges its readers to go back to basics by fighting noble battles, rescuing women and finding adventure in their lives.
It declares: A Battle to fight. An Adventure to live. A Beauty to rescue. This is what a man longs for. This is what makes him come alive. There is something fierce, passionate and wild in the heart of every man. That is how he bears the image of God."

So... 1. A battle to fight - like, erm, say the battle of Hastings:

2. An Adventure to live (or at least watch on DVD? - does that count?)

and 3. A beauty to rescue (or at least help out the pool!?)

"Leighton Meester... she's worth rescuing and all that!!"

I'm feeling WILDER by the minute!!

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