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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Darkmatters: Word Cloud '06

"what's your blog made of?"
Darkmatters: H O ME


Tom Wade said...

Hey I'm impressed this looks very cool - where did it come from and how did you do it?!

Matt Adcock said...

It is a bit cool isn't it!? Not my idea alas... Nicked it off the gorgeous Rachel Warwick - check her blog as it has the link to the software that generates these 'word clouds'.
They are supposed to be made into T Shirts for $21. I really like the way it gives you a flavour of your blog... try it!!

rach said...

Ooh you got a good one. Like it. The "chicken christian" bit of yours is a particular favourite of mine!

Right. Off to be gorgeous somewhere else. (thanks!)

Matt Adcock said...

Cheers Rach - I love it too... you have to read it as 'Chicken Christian Drama' though for maximum impact!