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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Film Review: The Hills Have Eyes

"caution: some mutant cannibals in wheelchairs might be offended at this film's content"

The Hills Have Eyes (18)
Dir. Alexandre Aja

Reviewed by Matt Adcock

Hey, found this rather tatty and bloodstained postcard today, it’s marked ‘possible plot spoilers’ but reads: Having a rather less fun than expected time on our Mid West road trip holiday... Where can I start? Things began fine, but after a misguided ‘shortcut’ through the desert it all went a bit wrong – and when I say ‘wrong’ I mean ‘horrifically screwed up beyond belief!
We ran into some new friends out who live in the hills, not your usual holiday pals either; these were degenerate cannibal mutants who took an unhealthy shine to us. As a direct result, several members of the family are now dead – dad was barbequed whilst we looked on in horror, mum was shot at point blank range, as was our eldest daughter. One of our dogs was gutted alive and I don’t want to even think about what our younger daughter has gone through. We’ve been subjected to levels of apprehension, dire danger and sheer brutal terror the like of which you would not believe.
The Hills Have Eyes really is a grade A hardcore horror – if you’re of a nervous disposition, this film could literally finish you off. You know, they weren’t exactly kidding when they wrote the tag line ‘the lucky ones die first’, what the few hardy ‘heroes’ go through (especially geek turned avenger son-in-law Doug – played by Aaron Stanford) is beyond the limits of what many people would ever classify as ‘entertainment’. Having said that, whilst the film is intentionally grim, it’s also very well made and director Alexandre
‘Switchblade Romance’ Aja is a powerful new force in the world of horror movies. What this improved remake of the Wes Craven 1977 original of the same name nails, is a lingering uneasiness that will stay with you. The gruesome action is offered up in stark full frontal detail, which thanks to some outstanding special effects makes for seriously queasy viewing.

Darkmatt Rating: ööö (quality horror for sickos everywhere)

If you’re looking for something just as intense but a little less nasty, may I recommend V For Vendetta (15) that opens this week? Natalie Portman stars in this exciting, uncompromising vision of a corrupt near future London, based on the excellent graphic novel by Alan Moore. Brought to big budget life by the makers of The Matrix, V For Vendetta is a must see for fans of action, politics and gorgeous feisty young women.

"I've got a axe to grind... with the US Government (about that nuclear testing)"

Emile De Raven is one of the main attractions in The Hills Have Eyes (younger daughter)...
you can spot her below (along with some of the other 'hot' stars of sci fi):

"Yep... the tasty blonde 2nd from right..."

Darkmatters: H O ME

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