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Saturday, January 01, 2005

2005 New Year's Resolutions

2005 Darkmatters

In this cluster of galaxies EMSS 1358 6245 (about 4 billion light-years away) the mass of dark matter is four times larger than normal matter.

2005 - January 1st, another year, a time to assess and set new goals...
I generally have a couple of New Year's Resolutions (some carry over from year to year like: Finish My Novel) but I like to throw a few into the mix that generally fall by the wayside after a couple of weeks, except this time it will be blogged and maybe that will keep me going?

So, here are my '05 resolutions:

1. Finish My Novel

2. Chill More

3. Complete 'The Mind Gym'

4. Read The Bible Everyday This Year

5. Watch More Than 200 Films

6. Complete KILLZONE

You know... just the average stuff!

today's cheery words as a result of resolution #4 are:
"they must not approach the sanctuary and look at the sacred objects for even a moment, or they will die..." Numbers 4 v20

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