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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Shock Work Related Entry - Blogs To Take Over Marketing?

What is “blogGeist”?

The spirit of the blog...

Looks like the PR / Marketing world is waking up to the power of the Blog...
Asking questions like:
Are there some useful general principle that you can take from the idea of weblogs?
Something you can use on non-blog websites?
Something that you can apply to everything, a kind of 'spirit of the weblog' (blogGeist?) that you can use to make your communications more effective?

They go on to say that:
* the personal touch
* nowness
* contextual aboutness
are just a few of the things that give blogginess its power to make seemingly insignificant content from supposedly insignificant people far more persuasive than the most expensively produced marketing material you’ll ever create.


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