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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Film Review: Team America: World Police

"You can run but you can't hide..."

Team America: World Police (15)
Dir. Trey Parker

Reviewed by Matt Adcock

When freedom hangs by a thread, who are you going to call to put the "F" back into it? Team America: World Police, that’s who…
Here in the UK – Team America arrived in January 2005 and it is without doubt the crudest, funniest and most violent puppet movie I’ve seen. Filmed in what creator Matt Stone referred to as "supercrappymation" – Team America is a Thunderbirds riff from the makers of South Park and just a dubious as that sounds!
Nothing is sacred here but some things get a harder beating than others – liberals, terrorists and Hollywood actors come in for an especially rough ride. Take Matt Damon (who Parker and Stone have admitted is really a "pretty cool guy"), he was going to be portrayed as ‘intelligent and articulate’, but when they saw his puppet, they noted that it made him "look retarded" and decided to portray him as such. His only lines in the film are to blurt out “Matt Damon” in a retarded manner but even that’s generous compared to the send up of Kim Jong Il who gets a whole song to ponder why he’s “so rornery, so ronery and sadry arone…”
There are other musical interludes – my favourite being ‘Pearl Harbor Sucked’ which is so funny I present the lyrics here (sourced from IMDB.com):

“I miss you more than Michael Bay missed the mark,
When he made Pearl Harbor.
I miss you more then that movie missed the point,
And that's an awful lot girl.
And now, now you've gone away,
And all I'm trying to say is
Pearl Harbor sucked and I miss you.
I need you like Ben Affleck needs acting school,
He was terrible in that film.
I need you like Cuba Gooding needed a bigger part,
He's way better then Ben Affleck.
And now all I can think about is your smile,
and that sh*tty movie too,
Pearl Harbor sucked and I miss you.
Why does Michael Bay get to keep on making movies?
I guess Pearl Harbor sucked, Just a little bit more then I miss you.”

It certainly isn’t for the easily offended (or children) but if you like South Park and have a crude sense of humour then Team America delivers a laugh out loud experience. I guess America had it coming!

Darkmatt Rating: ööö (Watchable)

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