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Saturday, March 26, 2005

PSP WipEout Pure = Heaven on Earth

"Sony PSP wipes the smile off competitors faces with WipEout Pure"

WipEout Pure - US version

The PSP really is an amazing little piece of hardware - and now that the US launch has taken place the US games are finding their way over to the UK,
which is s w e e t !!!
I picked up WipEout Pure and have not been able to put it down since. This game captures the perfect vibe that Wipeout games have always been associated with - insane speed, multi vehicle combat, gorgeous graphics and serious playability...
Put it this way, if you like videogames even a tiny bit, WipEout Pure will blow your socks off and put a mile wide grin on your face.

"come on then...
temporary shields can lead to brash comments in multiplayer wireless mode"

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